The Studio

Tucked away

in the Village of Kimberton, is a dynamic content factory.


Bringing originality
to new levels.

Offering all the amenities of a center city TV studio, this 5000 square foot facility delivers creativity without the hassle or cost. Equipped with the latest video production technology, The Village Studio drives digital media originality to new levels.

We craft your programming for interviews, training, marketing, music, theater, the web and more. Our rates are completely customizable and can include the studio with or without equipment or staff.

Control Room

26 x 22 green screen cyclorama for video virtual set technology

Two person recording audio booth

We Are

Crafters of


Studio Details

With all of its available features readily acessible, The Village Studio makes it easy to produce amazing looking video content that can be digitally distributed in an endless variety of ways.

20 x 20 white screen cyclorama for photography

Control Room

26 x 22 green screen cyclorama for video virtual set technology

Editing Suites

Green Room

Two person recording audio booth


Dressing/make up room

Free parking and easy studio load in

Phoenix Media Group

Addressing the challenge of applying digital media tools and techniques into creative storytelling, Phoenix Media Group has the experience and talent to help our clients succeed. From vibrant studio shoots, to lively on-location streaming, PMG offers simplified lens to screen video content that is persuasive yet cost effective.